Call for Papers

We are seeking technical contributions in the form of papers and presentations from the TSM user community - the system managers and administrators who are arguably the real TSM experts - and this is an excellent chance to share your knowledge and wisdom.

Possible topics / Ideas for a contribution

  • Experiences / Usage Scenarios
  • Protection of virtualized environments
  • Data Protection products for applications (databases, mail, SAP)
  • NDMP Backup and Restore Scenarios
  • Dealing with Growth: HSM, Deduplication, ...
  • DR Strategies in a world of limited backup/restore scenarios
  • Changing Perspectives of Backup/Restore to Data Storage Concepts
  • New Tape and Library Technologies
  • Data Security - Data shredding / Encryption
  • Dealing with the Cloud: CRUD devices and Big Data
  • Backup to the Cloud

Technical contributions from TSM solution architects and related storage vendors are also sought: this is an opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility and extensibility of TSM.

The conference language will be English. All talks will have to be held in English language.

Paper Submission

To simplify submission of papers we have generated an appropiate form as PDF document. Please download the form using the link below, fill in all information you can give at this time and send the .pdf file as an Email-attachment to tsm2015 at

The overall layout of the symposium requires the length of your presentation to be about 25 or 40 minutes. 5 minutes for Q/A and/or discussion will follow your presentation. Justified exceptions from this schedule are feasible on demand.

File Downloads


Please use this PDF-form to submit a paper to TSM2015. You may fill it in during multiple sessions with Acrobat-Reader, as you may store it on your local disk in the meantime before finally submitting it as an Email-Attachment.